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Making "it" work!

Nü Work Studio is a boutique design agency, founded by award winning designer Michelle Grünwald. Working closely with our clients, we bring to fruition their goals and dreams through design. We specialize in brand building and packaging design, while we continue our client relationships past that via digital media & advertising. 


We also pride ourselves as a female-forward business. 80% of the companies we work with are founded and operated by women pursuing their dreams. 

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Brand Strategy
Identity & Branding
Digital & Print Content
Environmental & Exhibitions

Selected Clients

- Google

- Meta

- Netflix

- Showtime

- Masss Appeal

- Sullivan + Partners

- Norton Publishing

- Studio 96

- Archigrafika

- Bodily

- Arianne Elmy

- Zent

- Picntell

- Ostrovitsky's

- Jplacing

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