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From brainstorming their name to their first brick-and-mortar we have been there through it all. PicNTell is a female-owned brand that has grown exponentially over the past 2 years with the help of our services. Understanding our client's needs and limitations is a big part of how we create partnerships that last. PicNTell started as a dream, we worked with them to produce beautiful & versatile packaging that suited their aesthetic and budget. Now that dream is more than a reality and we have since upgraded and expanded their brand and designs as the company flourishes. 


Branding, Packaging & Digital



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While the brand started around jewelry, they have seen a lot of attention around their specialized products, such as perfumes, scrubs, and much more to come!

The brand offers 3 collections of roll-on perfumes. Women's (Pink), Men's (Black) and Unisex (White).



Over the years we have expanded and grown the Picntell brand. Starting from concept & naming through branding & packaging we have built out an extensive guide on how to grow while maintaining the integrity of the brand.

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