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A luxury ambient scenting company. 


Packaging, Textiles




Over the span of 8 months, we did a huge overhaul of work for ZENT New York. They came to us with a mission of creating a cohesive feel to their brand via their packaging and overall tone of voice.

Our main focus was packaging for their oils (100+ scents). Organizing them into 5 color-coded collections. Additionally, over 20 new products came to market with new cohesive packaging & concepting. 

Zent Aura Diffuser Packaging Design

New Colors

While the brand has a very clean black-and-white feel, our team decided to sprinkle in some color by color-coding Zents scent collections. With over 100 scents we felt it would accentuate the wide range of notes and categories, helping customers visually understand and imprint their favorite scents in their memories. We chose a sophisticated palate to represent the feeling and differences of each collection.

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