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She Kicks

The FIRST and ONLY book about Women's Sneakers. She Kicks is the most recent publication by Studio96 a Tech-Publishing House, meaning the book has an AR component to it. We worked with S96 to establish and execute the look and feel of the book via the brand identity/logo as well as the page layouts and design.

Featuring power players at Nike, adidas, Converse, StockX, and more, She Kicks features the female entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and execs calling time on the boy's club.  As covered in HypebaeSneakerfreakerSole SupplierWWDHigh Snobiety, and more.


Identity & Branding, Print & Layout



four books one open. png 2.png

Balancing a fine line between luxury and "street" we wanted to create an identity that really pushed forward elegance while still being bold & relevant, just like sneakers. 

We established a visual language for our typography where the "feminine" font always remains intact and proud, while it disrupts the more masculine font.

Photography Courtesy of Studio 96 Publishing 

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This Book Comes to Life!

Studio 96 is a Tech-Publishing house that specializes in books that have AR (augmented reality) components. That means that throughout the book you are able to scan the pages with your phone and you will be directed to a video, article, playlist or even a link to a shop for the sneaker featured...the possibilities are endless!